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WTCH C-Me Amanda's Purdy Red Murial
RTDcs, HTD1cd HTD2scg


DOB 11-6-96, OFA good, eyes cleared annually

Here is a couple picture of the Ole' Red dog (January 2008). I still have a hard time believing that she is 11. Makes me wonder where the time has flown.

Red & Ruby

Red, Ruby & Ivy

Red still rules the roost. No one challenges her but occasionally she thinks she has to prove she is top dog. Luckily most just let her obnoxious ways slide.

Red is really enjoying the puppies. She plays with them like she is a young dog instead of an old granny. :-)
She has even shown them how to help with chores and how to keep the hungry ewe's and lambs off of the food bucket.



Red was purchased from Norm Andrews in Nebraska (check out Red's sire, Spike).  She has a very strong gather instinct, LOVES to work cattle, but will work anything that she is asked.  Even ducks, which she doesn’t like but will do when asked to.  She is a strong head dog who is always up to pushing the cattle or gently nudging the tiniest lambs. She has an appropriate bark on cattle, doesn’t’ back down when challenged and is not afraid to show the livestock who is boss.   

Red’s first ASCA herding trial was with UMASC.  After the first time out on cattle I was totally hooked.  We never knew such adrenaline rushes existed.  Her sister Blue, took “MOST PROMISING STARTED” on Saturday and Red took “MOST PROMISING STARTED AUSSIE” on Sunday.  It was quite the start for us. 

Red has had a good year being a mom.  She didn’t do too much trailing though.  She and I were able to dog break the calves this spring at our house - first time that Willowcreek has had calves.  She loves to do that.  Currently, she is the only dog I have, that I use to dog break cattle.  She stands/lays still and lets their curiosity get the best of them.  When they decide to come “sniff” her she lets them get about 2 inches then nails them on the nose.  When a young dog works them and the cattle realize that the dog doesn’t have what it takes to back it up and starts charging the dog, Red goes back to work and happily teaches them a little respect.  If she could do farm/ranch work all the time she would be the happiest dog in the world.

 She did finish her AHBA duck title and received HTD2 on cattle with some less than pleasurable rodeo calves.  We were able to finish up our HRD3 sheep and goats plus get a couple points in the process. 

Three out of four pups out of the Skip/Red cross are on livestock regularly and show great promise of what is to come.  The females have all been on the small size, like there mom.  They “may” hit the 18” mark.  Oz, on the other hand is 20” and pushing 45 pounds.  Click here to see pedigree and photos from the litter.

Pedigree of:

WTCH C-Me Amandas Purdy Red Murial RTDcs
Red Merle W

Slash V Andrews RedChickasSpike OTDc

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